Top Recommendation Of Grilled Food For Your Breakfast

Most of people are drilling their food only when they are going to do their dinner. They do not usually on their breakfast because of some reasons. You have to know that there is no limitation on doing grilling. You could just do it anytime you want without any limitation on the time.  Grilled your food for your breakfast could be your best luck if you get tired with some breads or even cereals for your breakfast. Grilling your food is not also tasty, but also healthy. Many people seem to not too know about this case.

If you are wondering of what kind of grilled food that I should try, then you are going to the right place because we want to show you some of our best recommendation for it. There are lots of choices for this case and it is not only limited to one kind of foods, but there are more of types of them to try.  Finally, let’s see our top recommendation of grilled food and see if the food is suite to your taste or not.


There is no better choice than getting the grilled eggs as your breakfast. There are some ingredients that you could pick to make it better and one of the best choices for it is grilling your egg with the muffin technique. The technique is very simple and you do not have to prepare many things for this case.  Here, you just have spray some oils into it and then crack it for a little. Finally you just need to cook it for some minutes and it would be ready to be served.

The other choice that you could use is by using some aluminum foil to wrap it and then grill it on your smoker.  Like I said, there are so many choices that you could do with your eggs.   Pick any method that you want and then grill it.


Omelet is always becoming our top choice as the breakfast menu because our sons really love it.  What we do here is making a bacon omelet in our metal pie plate with our ingredients.  The ingredients including some of cheese, milk, eggs, pepper, and salt.  Here, you need to whisk all of the ingredients while crisp the bacon. Do it at the same time for the best result.  The last thing that you have to do is covering the bottom of your metal pie plate and then cooks it until its ready to be served.

Cinnamon Rolls

The first time when I taste this kind of food was during of our camping. At that time we do not have other food so this one is the only thing that we could make. This one is also good as the alternative for your breakfast.  The only thing that you need is slicing of your orange into half and then removes the remaining fruit on the inside.  Then, take some of your cinnamon roll and then place each one of them on it.  Wait for some minutes and then serve it on your plate.

Smoked Ham Fattie

This one is really recommended if you really love meat that much. Eating meat as the breakfast is actually not really that bad.  You would have to mix your ham with the fried potatoes and some ingredient that you like. After that, fill the ham with your secret sausage and start grilling it.  I usually love to make it sweet, but you could also add some peppers if you want some hot taste from the ham.

Chicken Sausage Casserole

This one is actually quite complicated since you would need lasagna pans as the place to cook it.  You could just pick it from your local store and there would be lots of choices there.  The next step is also quite complicated because you need to bake it first before you grill it. You have to grill it for around 30 minutes so make sure you are having much free time. The last thing that you are needed to do is grilling the whole the food and wait for some minutes.  The process is quite complicated, but you really need to see the result.


Grilling your food as the breakfast is not something that bad to try. As long as you have the right food, BBQ grill and the right ingredient everything is becoming so possible.   You could even make some experiment with pizza, nectarine and some other foods that you can never imagine before. Like I said, doing experiment is really matter as the chef.  You are able to use our top list recommendation as the starter and then you could try to make some experiment with it when you get bored.  Well, it is your choice, so just make anything that you like.