The Best Gaming Mice For Your Gaming Laptop

The first gaming accessories that need to buy when you are buying a gaming laptop is a gaming mouse. Laptop is might having a track pad, but it is not enough for some games that need flexibility and fast movement such as FPS games. When I bought my gaming laptop, the first game that I want to test is Battlefield 1 since the game is getting overwhelming positive review. I tested the game without using mouse and the result is bad. I cannot easily making movement and the aiming feels slow and I cannot even make it right. So I could finally say that it’s impossible to play some games without using mouse. There are lots of choices outside there, but not all of them are giving the right and good experience on using it. The most important thing is not how advanced the feature or how expensive it is, but the most important thing is the comfortable on using. Everything would be totally wasted if is not comfortable to use. That is the first thing that you have to consider when buying any gaming mouse. I also have some good recommendations if you don’t have much time to see each one of them. Don’t be worry for the quality because I own all of them and have tested it for different types of games.

Razer Naga

This one is probably recommended for playing MMO game. You probably know that playing MMO might need faster movement to access all of your inventories and also your skill. You actually could customize all of the controls on the keyboard, but it would be totally more efficient by making the control adjustment on the house. But, how is it possible since mice are having limited buttons. Well, this one is different because on the both sides of this product, it has 12 buttons that can be customized on your game setting. I personally always use it for playing World of Warcraft and it feels really great. The mouse movement is very sluggish and I don’t find any problem on it. The only problem here is might be the price that is quite expensive. If you are okay with it, then you are on a good track.

Logitech G502

This product is actually pretty special since it is not specifically made for specific games, but you could use it all types of games. I have tested on playing FPS, RTS, and MMO and the performance is really great and even could be considered as the best one for all in one purposes gaming house. Logitech has making such a high quality product with such a good price. The comfortable experience and smooth shape are only some of things that make it great. Here, you can even adjust of its weight to make the right movement for your needs. It’s great for playing FPS and if you still not satisfy with it, they also offer you the chance to make the adjustment for the scrolling since the scroll wheel is also customizable. You don’t need of making any setting or even download any software since the mouse would automatically making the right setting for your gaming PC or laptop.

Corsair M65

Remember that this one is specifically made for FPS games and it does not having much button on it. The key on playing FPS is not having much buttons to press, but the most important key is the fast movement and the precision on making the aim. One thing that I love here is the weight that feels not too heavy or light. They also have a special feature that called as Sniper mode that would let you easier to make the aim since the mouse movement will be slower than normal. It is not much, but the overall experience and performance is improved great with this feature. If you are having much love on first person shooter gamer, then you should get this one to make your gaming experience better.

Logitech G303

The mouse is becoming so popular among MOBA or RTS gamer because the size is very small and the weight is also light. The shape is fit nice on my hand and I don’t feel any weird and uncomfortable feeling on using it for some hours. They make the right choice on making it small since we are making lot of movement on MOBA games. You are not getting any problem at first, but it would start really rough after couple hours. That is why picking any small mouse is mandatory if you are a hardcore gamer on this type of game. The price itself is under 100 dollars and still considerably good choice than most of products outside there.

Turtle Beach 300

I put this one as the last choice for cheap gaming mouse, but with good quality and nice precision. The design is pretty simple and it looks like a normal mouse if you see it from far. They also place some nice selections of colors as you want. The buttons itself are packed with 3 DPI, two thumb buttons and without any setting to make for using it. I bought two of them two months ago for my friend’s birthday gift and one for test. I did not know that the product is there until one of my friends on internet forum suggests me to try it. It does not give any huge surprise on the performance, but it’s good enough for everyday light gaming usage.


I am really picky on choosing the right mouse since it would affect my performance on playing games. I am a hardcore gamer, so I really need to place my choice on the right one. Many of my friends are not too well with gadget and stuff and that is why I make this list to make people easier to choose any gaming mouser for their gaming needs. This list is quite complete and you just need pick the right one for your games or go with the one for all purposes. You also have to know that some gaming mice are specifically made for some types of games. So, it’s better to see it deeply and understand how well it performs to make sure that the product is the right one for your needs. At last, I am pretty happy to share my thought with you guys and I am hoping that you would find any good one after seeing this useful list and please leave any comment if you have any suggestion or comment to ask.