Zelda Breath Of The Wild – The Best Game Of All Time

Nintendo has just released the new Zelda game alongside with the released of their new console Nintendo Switch. Zelda could be their biggest selling point and great game for their launch. I have played the Wii U version and switch and I am going to give any opinion for the both version. First let we started with the Wii U version. This version is running really nice with almost 30 frames per second all of the time. I only notice some drops on few occasional events, but it doesn’t destroy the gameplay. Then the Switch version is also good, but I have to say the performance is worse than the other version. It’s not that bad, but you will find some random drops especially on the dock mode. Let’s end our performance side and talk about the gameplay.

The gameplay itself is every awesome since there are lots of stuffs to do here. The main quest is so good, but the side quest is also interested to see. I have spending many hours of grinding and I did not feel any bored. I really enjoy the whole process and this is the only game so far that I don’t feel bored on grinding. The whole world here is big to explore and you are giving a full freedom in exploring after you depart from The Great Plateu. You could even go to the final boss if you want and you are good enough to perform. One thing that I love here is the ability to climb everything in this world. I can climb tree, walls, houses, castle and even a mountain as long as we have enough stamina.

I want to say it as the best game of all of time with some reasons. The gameplay, grinding, doing side quest and everything is great. They combined their old Zelda formula and then mix it with the new style to get a new player. The result is amazing since this was the first time they try it. I did not know how they could do it, but their countless time on polish the game is working nicely. The game is announced for the Wii U, but they decided to wait for next gen console. The selling of their last console is not great and I really understand if they want to release it on the console. If you are first timer on Zelda game, then you have to try it.